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A product or brand isn’t created with the desire to sit on a shelf, with dozens of other products, getting dusty and forgotten before being transferred to the manager’s special basket. Quite the opposite, products are created because businesses are passionate about their brand and want to create interest and desire for what they are selling. There are many ways to help your brand be seen but partnering with Dragon Spirits Marketing is a sure fire way to ignite your product for the consumer. Pa...
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Bottlecapps, a best-in-class SaaS (software as a service) company specific to the beer, wine and spirits industry, excitedly announced they have joined forces with Spec's Wine & Spirits - the largest wine and spirits retailer in Texas - to create an on-demand, mobile shopping experience for customers. The Spec's mobile app will allow customers, all across Texas, quick access to features like delivery, curbside pickup, Key Club Rewards, 11-hour Sales, and much more.
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Maybe you stumbled upon our website from a Google search or maybe you heard about us from a friend within the industry. Either way, you may be curious about how Dragon Spirits Marketing can elevate your brand to meet more consumers and ultimately, increase your share of the market space.
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There are a vast array of reasons why an individual may choose a contract position with a company. Some enjoy picking and choosing how their workweek will shape up. Others may need, due to life circumstances, variable hours that are flexible, including additional employment and elect contract hours on top of their full schedule. Whatever the reasons, contractors are becoming a vital part of industries across the country. With the explosion of this type of contract employment, businesses can ofte...
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We here at Dragon Spirits Marketing are never willing to settle, stagnate, or rest with what we have already accomplished. We are always looking for ways to do more and to reach more, bringing customers and clients together through our Dragon Network. With that, we are excited to announce the launch of our new, upgraded website for the very task of connecting more.
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So often we think of a good story being limited to the screens we watch or the pages we read, but stories can be so much more. In fact, stories are central to what we do at Dragon Spirits Marketing, from the story of how we launched this company, to the stories we strive to share each day.
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Many times we're asked what makes Dragon Spirits Marketing different from other marketing agencies in the beverage and consumer products industry. Our Dragon Chiefs put together a list of 7 ways that our agency is different and why that should matter to your brand.
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