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What Dragon Spirits Does for Their Dragons

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You may find different definitions and descriptions for Dragons. We define a Dragon as being “Benevolent yet fierce. Unrelenting, with a pioneering spirit. Faces challenges head-on. Extraordinary powers of consumer engagements.” This may not be the way many think of Dragons, but our Dragons, our Brand Ambassadors, fulfill this definition every day.

What is a Dragon?

For Dragon Spirits Marketing, a Dragon is more than a mythical creature. Our Dragons are storytellers, ambassadors, representatives, and family. Dragons are the contractors we bring into our fold, seeing the trust, passion, and commitment they bring to being a brand ambassador. Dragons are excited representatives of various brands and products, bridging the company with their community, providing a taste of what the brand has to offer. Dragons are experts on storytelling, willing to be educated in the finer points of the companies they have been chosen to represent. Dragons may be moms or dads, salespeople or tech experts, full time workers or part time workers, and may posses any other number of characteristics and experiences. Above all, a Dragon must be honorable, responsible, and have a yearning to inspire others.

Why Should You Become a Dragon?

Dragons join us for various purposes. Dragons may want additional income in an ever changing and dynamic field. A week for a Dragon rarely looks the same. One evening may be representing a salsa company in a local store, warning young children about spice levels while helping their mom explore the layers of flavor in different types. Another day may mean assisting at a trade show, representing at a booth with others from the company. Other Dragons may join as their opportunity to work on a flexible schedule, setting their hours as they wish or what works with other obligations and commitments. Our current Dragons aren’t alone in wanting to take advantage of the “gig economy.” According to the National Association of Counties, the gig economy grew 5% in the years between 2005 and 2015 with projections increasing even more over the coming years. Some of our Dragons join us simply because they love what we do, they love spirits, wine, beer, and other products and want to learn more about various types. 

Benefits of Being a Dragon

Being a Dragon is more than getting a paycheck for working hours. Our Dragons are equipped to answer questions and to engage potential customers about products. We never want our Dragons to be ill prepared for representing the brands we partner with so each are presented with a packet detailing flavor notes, notable facts, awards, and other information to help fuel engagement. Additionally, our unique Dragon Engagement Network, or DEN, allows the opportunity for our Dragons to become further enriched with content about storytelling or the brands they may work with. Our Dragon benefits extend beyond learning. Dragons set their own pay, determining their own value. We guarantee their pay and issue payment weekly, through direct deposit or actual check. Our Dragons are also supported by our community with networking and promotions taking place within our business family.

To join our growing Dragon family and begin representing brands across the area, fill out our job application today. Our representation is growing and now is the time to be a part of Dragon Spirits.





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Dragon On Fire

 Vida Cana Rum
Dragon: Sharon
Market: Cedar Park, Texas
Success Story: Sold 9 bottles at Total Wine and More



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