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Storytelling and Selling

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Whether your product is carefully placed on the aisles of a grocery store, nestled in a display at a liquor store, or being offered amongst many at a trade show, festival, or other event, there is competition from the moment a potential customer walks through the doors. There is competition with the amount of time allotted by the customer for their entry, competition with other products, and competition with life’s distractions like kids, phones, and thoughts of what to do next. When your product is represented by a Dragon though, you gain an edge and the competition takes a step back through a finely tuned education process for every activation a Dragon accepts.

 Our Dragons take their education opportunities seriously and so do we. When a company makes a decision to partner with Dragon Spirits Marketing, we work alongside the company, at their discretion to compile a thorough, but concise collection of educational materials for our Dragons to study, equipping them to represent your brand and products. From training materials to videos to talking points, our Dragon Engagement Network, or DEN, provides the insight and knowledge customers need to help your product stand out amongst the rest.

Every brand is expected to compile a PMP, consisting of information about the company and products, tasting note, applicable awards, images, a map of where the product is made, and other pertinent information like key facts or recipes using the product. These PMPs are loaded onto approved devices or printed in color for the Dragon to use in their customer interactions, providing an additional layer of content and exchange with each person they engage with. Our goal is to provide a complete sensory experience, tasting and smelling the product, hearing about their unique characteristics, seeing the product and where it is from, and feeling the carefully curated packaging your company has invested in. This experience comes paired with a story.

Our Dragons would not be able to represent your brand without their intrinsic ability to tell a story. In fact, along with trustworthiness, experience weaving a story and communicating said story is the characteristic we look for when adding a Dragon to our growing family. We cultivate this inclination and hone it to apply for selling products in the passing glances and quick questions sent to customers as they rush by the tables where your products wait for them.  We know we have mere moments to attract someone to pause for us, to convey compelling information about the brand we are offering, and to create a connection between the brand and the customer. The storytelling is so imperative in activations, much of our training, achievement badges, and development centers around this craft.

This commitment to story telling is not a mere selling point, but is validated in many ways. A study by Cornell University found “Providing samples along with great service and a good atmosphere was important” to gaining a larger market share. The information and resources you provide us with do just that. When partnering with DSM, enriches that story, personalizes the narrative, and simply adds layers of interest. Your information and talking points also allows creativity on the part of our Dragons, enabling them to insert personal and meaningful touches to their conversation as they learn more about the client during their interactions. 

Dragon Spirits Marketing is passionate about quality ambassadors for the products who walk alongside our company. To find out more, contact us today, and take the first steps to gaining more representation for your products.





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