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If You Don’t OND, Someone Else Will

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Football. Halloween. Better weather. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Cold. Just because. Each of these are reasons why the last quarter of the year, also known as OND (October November December), is attributed for a large uptick in sales of beer, wine, spirits, and other consumables. If the consumer is poised and ready to purchase, your product needs to be first and foremost in their minds.


OND makes perfect sense, especially in regards to alcohol. Our society is eager for the holiday season, which crept into and seems solidly entrenched in October and stretches into just after the New Year. For many, the holiday season is a time for celebration and, most importantly to our point, sharing. Sharing a favorite beer, a new wine, a celebratory after dinner drink, whatever the case may be, sharing with one another is pivotal to the memories created at this time. Reports differ on the exact numbers in regards to sales during October through December, especially depending on which type of alcohol studied, but the consensus is generally, over 43% of alcohol sales takes place during the last ten weeks of the year, according to Many individuals and businesses buy wine or other spirits as holiday and end of the year recognition gifts. Further, according to the New York post, “consumption naturally correlates with how often we’re going out, as the average American polled will attend three times more social functions and parties, too.” A larger amount of socializing and gathering together leads to a larger rate of purchasing and consumption of alcohol during these months. Whether people enter a store in a frenzy of stress to buy the perfect gift or they relish in the holiday music and spirit, it is crucial for a brand to be at the front of their mind.

How Dragon Spirits Marketing Can Help

The consumer socializes more and returns to retail locations frequently at this time of year. Forgotten ingredients, extra gifts, daily staples, and last minute purchases all drive the consumer into stores during OND. With such saturation of customers and, potentially, repeat customers, a face sampling your product, prepared with a story, ready to engage with someone passing by, helping them make those last minute gift, dinner, and festivity decisions can only contribute to sales. If the holiday season, marked by OND, is driven by friends, family, and communities gathering together to share, the sharing can begin as soon as they enter a place for purchasing. Our Dragons are brand ambassadors who are specifically educated on exactly that, sharing. They learn to share your story, your unique characteristics, your flavors and tasting profiles, and your actual product. Through our techniques, storytelling, and storytelling culture, we market and share on your behalf. A consumer is then fully immersed in an experience with your brand and can make a decision to purchase and share your product with others. If a consumer is ready to purchase, and many are, why shouldn’t it be your brand they are adding to their cart?

Dragon Spirits Marketing is positioned to help you capitalize on the weeks remaining to seize your market share of the sales over the coming weeks. See what others are saying about our methods and branding or contact us today for the opportunity to work with one of our Dragons.





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