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What Can Dragon Spirits Do for You as a Client?

Maybe you stumbled upon our website from a Google search or maybe you heard about us from a friend within the industry. Either way, you may be curious about how Dragon Spirits Marketing can elevate your brand to meet more consumers and ultimately, increase your share of the market space.

What to Expect

Whether you are seeking to sample a product, to demo a new item, need help at a trade show, or want quality booth representation at a festival, Dragon Spirits Marketing is an ideal place to start, for each of these situations and more. In fact, wherever potential clients and consumers need to be engaged, we can assist you in finding the ideal ambassador for your company. Partnering with Dragon Spirits Marketing provides access to an online system or network of brand ambassadors, affectionately termed Dragons, located across the state of Texas (and soon other states!).

We offer a variety of opportunities for engagement. We know a grocery store sampling must be handled differently from a trade show, just as a festival crowd is very different from brand engagement on the street! No matter where you are seeking to promote your brand, our Dragons are trained to bring excitement and energy to the engagement. Lamar Romero, our own Chief Executive Dragon contends, “If you don’t want to sell an experience to a person that will make them laugh, dance, party, socialize, or take a break from life, then go find something else to do…because Dragons love selling fun, and we will always sell it well!”

A tremendous advantage to our clients is the data available for each Dragon. Each Dragon is required to complete a specific number of education certifications within our Dragon Achievement System, but some Dragons have gone above and beyond to learn more about different opportunities presented to them. This information is available to clients and our Dragons are proud of the badges and achievements they earn. Other data available helps pair the best possible Dragon with your brand by evaluating the engagements completed and the number of units sold when applicable. Further, each Dragon has a “Trustability Index”, how we measure the number of times their goal was met in relation to the number of engagements they have concluded. We want our Dragons to be a perfect fit for your engagement.

The Dragon Advantage

When you partner with Dragon Spirits Marketing, you are accessing a vast network of individuals who are excited to engage with your potential customers. With over 1,000 Dragons already in our growing DEN, with over

110,000 units sold, your story will be told in the venue of your choosing. Each of our Dragons undergoes an extensive application and hiring process to ensure trustworthiness and commitment. Once they join our Dragon family, we tirelessly provide opportunities for education in sales, brand representation, and story telling, in addition to providing brand specific content when needed for companies we partner with. At the core of our Dragon Education is a tailored process teaching Dragons how to bridge a connection with those they interact with and to tell the story of the brand they have been chosen to engage on behalf of each day.

Equally important is how we value the Dragons we have brought under our fold. Regardless of the reason someone may join our family, we pour respect out for each of them. We understand we are part of a “gig economy”, but wish to revolutionize how contractors are viewed by the public and those who may hire them each week. The care we show our Dragons translates into excited and motivated representatives for your brand and organization in the field. We recognize our Dragons for their hard work, motivating them to tell even more of your stories each time they are chosen for you.

Dragon Spirits Marketing is ready to represent your company and is excited to see clients reap the benefits from the systems we have labored over. To partner with us for an increase in phenomenal impressions and increased sales, contact us today.





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Dragon On Fire

 Vida Cana Rum
Dragon: Sharon
Market: Cedar Park, Texas
Success Story: Sold 9 bottles at Total Wine and More



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