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Dragon Spirits Marketing View on Worker’s Rights

There are a vast array of reasons why an individual may choose a contract position with a company. Some enjoy picking and choosing how their workweek will shape up. Others may need, due to life circumstances, variable hours that are flexible, including additional employment and elect contract hours on top of their full schedule. Whatever the reasons, contractors are becoming a vital part of industries across the country. With the explosion of this type of contract employment, businesses can often see growth and expansion, but it also warrants new discussions and decisions on the rights of the contractor.

Dragon Spirits Marketing is revolutionizing the field of on-demand consumer engagement tastings consisting of activities such as trade shows, samplings, tastings, and demos. On par with revolutionizing the industry, Dragon Spirits Marketing strives to revolutionize the way contractors are seen, treated, and respected as well.

Both Lamar and Laura, founders of Dragon Spirits Marketing, have spent thousands of hours interacting with people via consumer engagement activities of all kinds. These interactions spurred the desire to begin DSM, but were also eye-opening in how the industry viewed those representing their products. Many companies who facilitate consumer engagement, whether outside intermediaries or even in-house, showed little regard to treating contractors fairly and with dignity. Stories have been shared with DSM Management about the low pay, general disrespect, or even no payment, etc.

Dragon Spirits Marketing is one of the few 3rd party marketing companies that do not ask upfront for body measurements or modeling credentials.

Enter Dragon Spirits Marketing.

At the core of Dragon Spirits Marketing is a yin and yang of great culture and technological development. Companies have spent endless hours and considerable investment in creating a product they are proud of. Their name is being cast against endless choices for a consumer to make. Correspondingly, when the decision is made to market and sample a new product, great consumer engagement representation is pivotal.

Dragon Spirits Marketing firmly believes by taking care of the contractors under the Dragon name, the best representation is made available to the client brands that care most about how the consumer will perceive their product.

A Gig Economy shouldn’t mean less respect.

Dragon Spirits Marketing has high expectations for their contractors, affectionately called “Dragons”. In return, Dragons are supported and treated as valuable members of the workforce. Dragon Spirits Marketing pays Dragons weekly, taking responsibility for promised pay regardless of the client’s payment schedule. Commissions are provided when possible, and Dragons have discretion over their pay, with the rare ability to set his/her own wage, using principles of supply and demand depending on their skills and market conditions. With the extensive education provided by Dragon Spirits Marketing, higher pay can be demanded, and when it makes sense, more expertise warrants better income for our Dragons!

The Dragon Spirits Marketing principles of worker’s rights are not limited to finances. When a Dragon is contracted, it’s like the family is expanded and grown. Contact is made with the Dragon Network on a regular basis, offering advice, additional education to assist in sales and presentation, and for updates for the company and the industry. Praise is shared for Dragons, recognizing the contributions made by individuals and celebrating new goals met. A “Dragon on Fire” is selected every week and awarded recognition and a chance for additional pay! Time is being invested in discovering new Dragon perks, seeking to provide additional benefits like potential insurance partnerships available only to contractors.

Flexibility is important as a culture to Dragon Spirits Marketing. For instance, contrary to many other companies, a Dragon is able to maintain flexibility by unconfirming a booked contract without penalty given a week’s notice

Dragon Spirits Marketing is proud to cultivate a company where employees and contractors matter, creating an environment which translates to positive consumer engagement, leading to more fantastic impressions and greater sales for the clients who choose to partner with us. To become a Dragon or to have the opportunity to select from our network of Dragons, contact us today.





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