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Top 5 Reasons to Work with DSM

A product or brand isn’t created with the desire to sit on a shelf, with dozens of other products, getting dusty and forgotten before being transferred to the manager’s special basket. Quite the opposite, products are created because businesses are passionate about their brand and want to create interest and desire for what they are selling. There are many ways to help your brand be seen but partnering with Dragon Spirits Marketing is a sure fire way to ignite your product for the consumer. Partnering with our team has many advantages, but here are the top five reasons to team up with Dragon Spirits Marketing.

  1. Education in Representation

    Our dragons, or brand ambassadors, are storytellers who have knowledge of how to catch the attention of a potential consumer, how to provide a link in conversation, and how to transition into representing your brand or product. With so much to distract the minds and thoughts of individuals at stores or other places we work, it is necessary to disrupt and break through the noise. Our dragons have experience in doing just that.
  2. Education in Your Brand

    When we partner with a brand, we don’t simply take a few items off the shelf and hand it out, hoping for the best. Instead, we ask our customers to provide detailed knowledge on the background and profile of the product(s) we are asked to represent. This provides not only vital information for us to assist in the activation, but also gives our dragons the confidence they need to represent you. 
  3. Proven Customer Satisfaction

    In a way, we enjoy allowing the brands we represent, represent us. By that, we mean the ways they describe their experiences and success when they choose Dragon Spirits Marketing. In addition to our belief in our Dragons, the customer satisfaction and reviews speak for themselves. The words and terms “awesome,” “best company I have worked with,” “best-in-class,” and more are expressed by companies who have placed their trust in us.​​​​​​​
  4. Numerous Options

    ​​​​​​​We know different companies, different brands, and different products need different representation. This concept doesn’t just apply to the approach we make on site, but also in how you partner with us. We wouldn’t assume that a one-size fits all approach would work, with budgets, needs, and goals kept in mind. We offer three different levels of representation to best help elevate your sales and exposure to clients.
  5. You Choose

    We cannot emphasize enough how much we respect a brand wanting to trust our team with their product. It is an enormous honor. We want to partner and build that trust by allowing the brand to have a hand in choosing their Dragon and who will be the face and voice in their activation. Our clients have access to our unique Dragon Engagement Network which displays profiles of our Dragons and the badges and certifications they have achieved to improve their skill set. With this information in hand, brands can make more informed decisions while walking alongside our group.​​​​​​​

To learn more about our Dragons, our approach, and our story, contact us today. With a growing number of brand ambassadors, almost 2,000 at this time, we are seeking brands to partner within a number of ways. 





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