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4 Tips to Secure Your Sale at Your Next Activation

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When we bring a Dragon into our fold, it’s because they have proven a number of key characteristics about themselves. We are steadfast in promoting our Dragon Spirits Marketing brand as being one with value, trust, integrity, fun, and the ability to tell a story. Beyond that, our support for our Dragons continues in a number of ways. How can our Dragons increase their success at their next activation?

Know your product.

If a Dragon has been entrusted with representing a product, he or she needs to take the time to know what they are educating customers on at an activation. This is why our educational opportunities and the information we collect from our brands are vital to what Dragon Spirits Marketing does each day. An article from summarizes one of the earliest steps well, “Decide why you are selling. For a toy, it’s the feel. For a drink, it’s the taste. For a fragrance, it’s the smell.” Many of our activations involve products to consume, by understanding the flavors, textures, and other subtle notes that differentiate the products we are acting as ambassadors for, the product comes alive for those who experience it.

Know the differences.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of similar products to the one we have been asked to represent at any activation. What makes this brand, product, or label different? Maybe the story of the family making the whiskey will touch the customer you are speaking with. Maybe the organically grown components of the fine tuned recipe will spark a decision to buy a specific product. Maybe the suggestion of a recipe to add a portion of the bottle of wine to will stem the purchase of a bottle or two. By knowing the story behind the brand, you are creating a unique profile for what you are sampling, almost creating a personality for the item.

Know your customer.

This goes beyond getting to know them in conversation. We only have 1 – 3 minutes to engage in conversation, so this means picking up on subtle clues even as they approach you. The mom with a few kids may very much want to sample the wine or beer you have to offer, but be prepared with quick tasting notes and shorter commentary in case she has to peel away to chase after someone. The man with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates may be looking for something extra special to accompany his other purchases, so telling him why your product has special qualities can help move it to the forefront of his mind. Additionally, at some activations, we are entrusted with several products from the same company, have two or three descriptors ready for each of those products and allow a choice, or multiple choices! By giving the customer power and freedom to select, they are already priming their mind for choosing the product for purchase.

Know your goal.

A key to success in any venture is to know your goal and to know how you will measure that goal. One study done by the Harvard Business Review found that those with goals are 10 times more likely to be successful and by writing goals down, you increase your likelihood of success by another 3 fold. By having specific metrics in mind, you are more likely to meet and exceed those goals. We recommend having two goals in mind, one for the number of products purchased, the second for the number of actual interactions that take place. Those interactions provide valuable feedback that make you a more engaging and skilled representative that will lead to additional sales in the future.

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