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Top 5 Reasons to Market Your Brand with Dragon Spirits Marketing

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It’s a new year, your company is established, but you and those you work with are yearning for something more. You want your brand to be well known throughout it’s respective industry and your product to be one of the first choices that comes to mind for those in the know. You may be hesitant to know your next steps and who may help you launch from where you are towards where you would like to be. Dragon Spirits Marketing is your first step into a new venture of brand sharing in your designated area and there are five clear reasons why.

  1.  You desire sales.

    Simply put, this is why most people are in the business, to increase their sales or market share. Partnering with Dragon Spirits Marketing is an ideal way to achieve this. With more than 138,000 units sold, we boast 164 satisfied clients with a number of those repeating business in various markets. Our Dragons, or Brand Ambassadors, want to achieve greatness. They strive to tell your story and to allow a taste of what a customer can have with a purchase. Sampling is vital to increasing sales. One study at Cornell University showed grocery shoppers taking on an additional wine purchase at a rate of almost 93 percent for those who sampled.

  2. Your brand has value.

    Companies are proud of their brand and product, days, weeks, months, and years have usually gone into the research, development, testing, implementation, branding, and creation of an item long before it sits on a store shelf or reaches an event. The last thing you want is for the hard work put into a product to be wasted on the back of a shelf, collecting dust until cleared out for something new. Your brand deserves to have their name put out there and our Dragons can do just that.

  3. You want to partner with someone you trust. 

    Our Dragons have to be trustworthy on many levels. We have to trust them with our own label of Dragon so we seek honest and trustworthy individuals within our screening process. This carries over immediately to your brand when a Dragon is chosen for activation. Because they are representatives of your product, the consumer needs to find them to be sincere, not entrenched in sales. This is why our education opportunities are so vital for our group. We coach our Dragons on the approachability they need to represent your brand well. Additionally, Dragons take ownership of their schedules and activations and we have expectations for them to fulfill their assignments well.

  4. You seek passion for your product. 

    Our Dragons are storytellers and want to know as much about your brand as possible. Each Dragon has training in a model or approach that we have developed for sampling a product, but every Dragon puts their own unique spin on the method. Further, every brand provides their own set of information to equip the Dragon with the knowledge they need to answer questions and provide insight into what a potential customer may want to know.

  5. The choice is yours. 

    Not only is the choice to partner with Dragon Spirits Marketing entirely up to you, but the actual choice of which Dragon you want to represent your product is up to you. Every brand, and even every product, has characteristics that make it unique. Similarly, every Dragon has characteristics and experiences that make them who they are. Our Dragons have vital information attached to each in our Dragon Engagement Network (DEN), allowing for companies to get to know the potential candidates who they can work with. With almost 1,500 Dragons at this time, and more headed this way, there is a Dragon out there for you.

To learn more about the services we offer and the ways we can partner with you and your brand to ignite sales and the name you are making for yourself, contact us today. Dragon Spirits Marketing has the experience, passion, and desire to ignite your brand. 





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