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DRAGON - 7 Characteristics of a Brand Ambassador

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At Dragon Spirits Marketing, we are passionate about building our network of Dragons to provide the best ambassadors for the brands we serve and partner with. Each brand is unique, each community or market is unique, and so it makes sense that the demand would be there for a large number of Dragons to choose the best fit. With each unique Dragon we contract with and educate, we see the little nuances and flair they bring to their representation and storytelling. That being said, there are several characteristics that are core to being a Dragon. These are the non-negotiable descriptions we not only expect, but also demand. 

1. Delivers Results to Clients

First and foremost our company is a clan of Dragons that absolutely love to promote and sell. We deliver industry best results to our clients through unrivaled sales numbers, detailed reporting, and customer service that is second to none. 

We get excited about bridging a connection with potential customers and feel the same thrill that our clients do when a customer puts a product in their cart or on the counter for checkout. Our brands’ successes are our successes, and we take ownership of that.

2. Rises to Any Occasion

Whether Dragons are spending time with friends, partying at an event, or selling at a tasting, we stand ready to evangelize, promote, and sell to potential clients, everywhere. 

Storytelling isn’t just something we do to earn a paycheck; it’s something we do to pass along information, knowledge, and preferences. This isn’t limited to a booth or a table in an aisle; it permeates our experiences in life.

3. Always Possesses Honesty and Integrity

Dragons say what they do and do what they say. By committing to a job date and following through, by arriving on time, by reporting honest sales numbers, and by striving to be one’s best, Dragons are enabled to soar with character and success. 

That honesty and integrity is carried over into the brands they represent, with the customers seeing their passion for great representation.

4. Gives Our Clients More Than They Expect

Dragons refuse to lower their expectations to meet the status quo. Instead, Dragons raise the level of their performance to not only meet, but also exceed, expectations. Dragons expect the best of themselves and do whatever is necessary, whatever it takes, to make that best a reality.

5. Owns the Story of Our Clients

Dragons see life as one great story after another. Dragons also know that people remember stories. Our clients’ stories allow us to create an impression, a mental picture, that our customers will remember and repeat when speaking with their friends and loved ones.

From there, the ripples a Dragon creates with a simple interaction will have endless potential as the stories carry on for days and weeks after the initial story was told.

6. Never Stops Learning

Dragons understand that, in these times of change, learners inherit the Earth. Likewise, those who refuse to change, find themselves equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. Dragons yearn to learn and relish in discovering new methods and techniques to help our clients get their products purchased and become loved in Texas.

Learning, growth, and improvement are core to a Dragon and imperative to their success.

7. Sells Well and Has Fun!

“Selling people booze is about the most fun thing to sell! If you don’t want to sell an experience to a person that will make them laugh, dance, party, socialize, or take a break from life, then go find something else to do…because Dragons love selling fun, and we will always sell it well!” 
–Lamar Romero, Chief Executive Dragon

Our Dragons refuse to settle, refuse to stagnate, and refuse to simmer with just enough. Instead, these characteristics and values drive each of our Dragons in each interaction, activation, and learning opportunity to do more for our clients and brands. To learn more about Dragon Spirits Marketing, to become a Dragon or to discover how we can help your brand, contact us today. 





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