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Dragon Spirits Marketing is a bridge. Our brand ambassadors, given the title of Dragons, serve as the bridge between brands and customers and between clients and representation. We recognize there are only moments for a product to receive a passing glance by a customer and our team is prepared to engage and connect with anyone passing by. 

Our Partners

Every product has a story. It may be a story of generations, years of experience and old family recipes, passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. It may be a story of passion, a vision to highlight a new flavor or to try a new technique. It may be a story of change, the opportunity to shift a life in a different way, to disrupt the daily grind with doing something new. We know each product has a story and we endeavor to unlock the details of that story prior to an engagement. Our clients provide us with the background needed to best represent their products and our Dragons run with their new knowledge. Each of our Dragons has a story with us as well, and we want to provide that information to our clients to allow them to choose the best partner for representing their product. By communicating information both ways, we know the brand will shine for any potential customers.

Our Work

When a customer walks by one of our engagements, whether they are at a trade show, a festival, or in a store, they are being bombarded by hundreds, if not thousands of choices. With these choices all around, paired with distractions from a number of other factors, your brand needs the best representation possible. Enter our Dragons. Our Dragons have been contracted because the passion, trustability, and storytelling abilities they posses. Dragons bring a customer into conversation and find a way to bridge the link between them and your brand. The engagement involves as many of the senses as possible, shooting for an entire experience rather than simply tasting a product before walking on. While a tasting is often a portion of the interaction, information about the product is given, pertinent graphics are shown, and the more layers we can develop for your brand, the better the impression becomes. 

Our Dragons

For our company, Dragons are not solitary creatures, when they come to our team, they are brought into a family. We already have over 1000 Dragons in the field, representing with passion. Through revolutionary principles in regards to the gig economy, our Dragons are given opportunities to become better educated about different aspects of brand representation or the products we represent. Our Dragons also set their own pay, their own schedule, have the option to buy in to additional benefits, and are treated with respect, beyond being viewed at based on looks alone, from day one of our time with them. These benefits are outside of the industry standard, but we are passionate about protecting and respecting our Dragon family. Additionally, we regularly recognize the effort made by our Dragons through internal promotions, our Dragon on Fire award, and with internal promotions being the first place we look as we expand our influence. 

Dragon Spirits Marketing is ready to represent your product, your brand, and your story. With hundreds and thousands of products being purchased by consumers every day, we provide a sharp advantage for the companies who partner with us. To find out more, contact us today. To be a part of this growing team, to become a Dragon, fill out our online application.





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Dragon On Fire

 Vida Cana Rum
Dragon: Sharon
Market: Cedar Park, Texas
Success Story: Sold 9 bottles at Total Wine and More



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